We Are

Fiberglass Ltd. was founded in 1989 as the creative workshop of sports sleds’ designing and production needs. We produce sleds for all age groups for open-air activities as well as for professional sports. Products are exported to 22 countries worldwide.

In 1995 the Company began production of individually designed objects from composite materials, steel and wood. These were town decoration products and environmental objects as well as small architectural forms. In collaboration with the top designers original articles have been created.

In 2007 Fiberglass introduced a new field. The structure of the furniture of the solid wood and of the plates of material began. Work process started to include all stages of the product creation – designing, site survey, fabrication, finishing and installation.

In the same year the company began to develop the construction industry.

Fiberglass and all of our employees have obtained the necessary certificates and licenses to operate in the relevant fields. All staff has special education and 10 to 30 years of work experience.

Now Fiberglass Ltd. is a multidisciplinary production company, that specializes in the producing of products designed exclusively for your needs and in the construction, including designing, manufacturing and assembly.