Holiday House in Engure

Between the finalists of the Show of the Year of the Latvia Association of Architects 2011 was the holiday house by the see in Engure. The look of the building has something of the contemporary aesthetics of Japan – interpretation of the vernacular form, transparent planes, framed by dark constructions, an atmosphere, characterized by brightness, lightness and the compactness.

The building has been created as an extended long form volume with a gabled silhouette. The roof and the end walls, finished by tin of metal grey color, embrace the longest glass facades and ensure that the water runs down from the roof planes.

The northern corner of the building is accented by a chimney in the skin of perforated metal. Perpendicular to the building a terrace with a small pergola is built. Fastened in special brackets in the facade a net of plaited flax ropes shows the way of expansion of the convolvulus in the future.

The geothermal heating pump ensures the
heating of the floors in the living area, the sun collectors will support the hot water preparation and the many ventilation panes in the facade serve to the necessary air exchange. For the general lighting of the rooms there have been used only one type of the luminescent lamps with variable brightness, in the yard there have been put up original lanterns with LED-lamps.


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